Company Information

Information from the public registers on merchants, non-profit legal persons and entities registered in BULSTAT Register, data sets for coprporate and marketing analyses

APIS Register+

Information system on companies and organisations

Company Analysis

Provides analytical information on key performance indicators from companies' annual financial statements in support of strategic and operational marketing activities of companies and institutions

Import of Clients' Lists and Tracking for Changes in Company Records

Tracking and retrieval of up-to-date information on changes in company records of legal entities listed by the client

Claim Forms

Preliminary information on insolvency and other commercial cases filed in the district courts

Share Capital

Synthesized information on shareholders and the distribution of their shares in joint stock companies

PPA Files

A unique collection of gathered, processed and connected data from the protocols of the contracting entities

Register API

Application Programming Interface for integration of the APIS Register+ data with the user systems

People in Power

Information System on political and public figures