Bulgarian Law

Products related to Bulgarian law

Consolidated legislative instruments, case law, bills, instructions, guidelines, procedures, document models, templates and forms, author's comments, deadlines, and more


Bulgarian legal framework, case law, institutional instructions and guidelines, annotations of articles in the specialised magazines

APIS - Sofita Law

Bulgarian law in English

APIS Kantora

Document management system for lawyers and in-house legal councel

APIS Case Law

Information system on case law and claim proceedings

APIS Procedures

Off-the-shelf solutions in relation to provision of administrative services, legal actions, concluding transactions, contracts, etc.

APIS Vreme

Automatic indicator, express analysis and exclusive author commentaries on changes in legislation. All deadlines and terms in Bulgarian law and a personal organizer for their calculation and tracking

APIS Globus

Expert information on foreign investments and legal relations with international element

Constructions of "APIS - Digesta" LTD

An unique assistant in case analysis and dispute resolution

AML Assistant

Information system on the legal framework in Bulgaria and the EU on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing