Bulgarian legislation, case law, institutional instructions and guidelines, annotations of articles in the specialised magazines

The module APIS Law is a part of legal information system APIS and is designed for helping the use and enforcement of the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

APIS Law content: 

  • the consolidated texts of the legislative instruments in force with all their amendments;
  • an archive of amended and repealed provisions of the legislative instruments;
  • the full texts of the historic versions of the legislative instruments;
  • the full texts of the repealed legislative instruments;
  • decisions and rulings of the Constitutional Court;
  • judgements and orders in civil and criminal cases of the Supreme Court of Republic of Bulgaria;
  • case law of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • judgements and orders of the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • case law of the European Court of Human Rights;
  • by-laws of ministries and other central authorities – letters and instructions not published in the State Gazette;
  • annotations of articles and comments of specialised publications in the field of finance and law.

APIS Law features:

  • Regular updates of the database after each issue of the State Gazette as early as on the date of its publication;
  • Structuring of the information by subject;
  • A system of hyperlinks between documents;
  • Quick navigation between separate parts of the currently viewed act by using the content structure of the document;
  • An option for viewing the content of a certain act as it was prior to its amendment through the Document History Function;
  • An option to compare two versions of regulatory act with marking all amendments and suppliments made in it;
  • Browsing of published legislative instruments by entering a selected number of the State Gazette issue;
  • Referral to time versions of the legislative instruments by the "time machine function";
  • Upload and update on a regular basis of newly published bills and other documents of the preparatory legislation;
  • Upload and update on a regular basis of the full texts of the amending legislative instruments;
  • A glossary of legal definitions and terms with an index of acts defining them;
  • Better visualization and sorting of search results;
  • Search of documents by words, part of words or phrases;
  • An expert module for searching documents having content similar to the currently viewed act;
  • An extended search by use of logical operators, synonyms, word forms, various filters, an index of saved previous requests with an option for editing, tools for formatting the result;
  • An integration with MS Office – MS Word and Excel, an option to save documents in RTF-, HTML- or PDF-files
  • A print preview option and printout of complete acts or parts of them;
  • An user friendly interface.