Link Detector

Link Detector

Link Detector is a free software tool that checks for legal citations to EU legislation and case law and establishes links to EuroCases online database.



Brief Description of Link Detector

Link Detector is an extension (add-on) to the browsers Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome® and Mozilla Firefox®, and an add-in to the word processor Microsoft Word®. Its primary mission is to assist legal professionals working with EU law. To this end, Link Detector identifies legal citations to EU legislation and to judgments of the EU Court of Justice in the web page opened by the user (respectively, in the document edited by the user) and establishes links to the cited EU acts and/or provisions thereof published in the EuroCases online database.

Identification of links to EU law is performed only for texts / documents in English, French, German and Bulgarian languages. For texts / documents in Bulgarian the extension is able to identify also links to Bulgarian legislation whereby these links are set to Apis Web database. When there are references to EU law in texts / documents in Bulgarian language, the links set are being directed simultaneously to Apis Web (module "Euro Law") and EuroCases.

For each of the established links the user can request (via the context menu appearing by right button mouse click over the link) a list of the EU legislative acts and/or decisions of national courts or the EU Court of Justice citing the same legal act or provision thereof. Further, the extension is able to produce a reference to the cited EU act which can be copied and inserted as a footnote, endnote or similar quotation note in user’s writing.

A detailed description of Link Detector’s functionality is provided with the respective user guide (see section "User Guide" below).

Installation of Link Detector

Link Detector is a set of software tools which can be integrated within the following host applications: Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox® and Microsoft Word®. The installation of the extensions to Internet Explorer® and Microsoft Word® is performed by a separate executable setup files, whereas the extensions to Google Chrome® and Mozilla Firefox® can be added from the web stores of Google Chrome® and Mozilla Firefox® for extensions / add-ons.

Important information: By installing Link Detector, the user agrees with the terms and conditions of the End user license agreement (see section License agreement below).


The following table presents the minimum requirements for the installation of Link Detector for each of the four host applications and provides a link to the setup file or to the extensions in Google Chrome® or Mozilla Firefox® web store.

Host application Minimum requirements Link to the setup file or to the extension in the web store
Internet Explorer® ОС: Microsoft Windows Vista or later
Internet Explorer, v. 9+
.NET Framework 2.0
Link Detector.exe
Google Chrome® Version 40.0+ Link Detector – Chrome Extension
Mozilla Firefox® Версия 25.0+ Link Detector – Firefox Extension
Microsoft Word® ОС: Microsoft Windows Vista or later
MS Word, v. 2010+
.NET Framework, v. 4.0
Windows Installer, v. 4.5+
Link Detector - Microsoft Word

License Agreement

By installing or using Link Detector, you agree to all terms and conditions set out in the End user license agreement. You should carefully read this agreement before installing or using the software tool. If you disagree with the terms and conditions of this agreement, you are not allowed to install or use the software.

User Guide

The functionality of all four Link Detector software tools is the same. However, the implementation for each of the four hosting applications varies depending on their requirements for integration of extensions and add-ons. Most differences concern the installation/uninstallation of the tool and the visualisation of the menu with the main functions.

The following user guides (available in PDF-format) provide a detailed help information about each of the four implementations of Link Detector: