Cookies policy

(effective as of 25.05.2018)

For providing personalized and adequate services through our websites and online products, APIS needs a technology for memorization and storage of information for their use by you. This is made with the help of the so called cookies. They are small text files, containing insignificant quantities of information and are stored on your computer or in the memory of your web browser. Then your web browser sends these cookies back to our website, opened by you, at every next visit. This way the website recognizes you and stores information about your consumer preferences (visits, clicks, activity history) more easily.

The use of the collected cookies is very limited and it is related to technical purposes – improving and personalizing the functionality of our website and our products. The information, collected by use of cookies may not refer to a particular person. The term for storage of the cookies is 5 years according to the international standards NAI, with which you can get familiar at More detailed information about the cookies and their functionality you can obtain at

By visiting our websites and registering for use of our products, you shall accept the use of cookies in the way, described in the present Cookies policy. Notwithstanding this, you can control and manage the cookies in different ways. Please have in mind that deleting or blocking cookies may affect the use of our websites and our products as it may limit your access to particular functionalities or contents or even to prevent your access to them.

Types of cookies that we use

  • Necessary cookies

These cookies make possible the correct operation of our websites and products, because they provide you an opportunity to examine the information in them and to sue their functions. For example, thanks to them, we show you the information on our websites on the right language and etc.

  • Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to make the operation of our websites and products in conformity with the preferences of our visitors and users, in order for you to use their complete functionality, to watch the videos in them and etc. This information is entirely anonymous, it is used for very limitеd purposes and it is stored for a limited period of time.

  • Analytical cookies

We use analytical instruments, which enable us to understand how often are visited our websites, do our users work easy with them and what of their contents is interested for our users. The information, collected by these cookies is used exclusively and only for statistical purposes and is not intended to be used for personal identification of the users. We do not obtain any information about your personal data. These cookies show us which pages of our websites you have examined, whether you have visited them through a mobile device and other anonymous data. The analytical instruments are provided by Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and the collected information about your IP address is not connected with any other information, stored by Google and Adobe.

  • Cookies for a precise targeting

These cookies do not store personal information, they only contain information how you have used our websites. They can be activated from our advertising partners to show you only information, which is relevant for you. For example these are the cookies of Facebook, Google and etc.

Cookies management

You can control and manage the cookies in different ways by using your web browser. Please note that if you delete all cookies, the preferences that you have stored shall be deleted also. For more information how to change the settings of your browser in order to block or filter cookies, please visit or

We use the following suppliers of services and you can learn more about their policies for personal data protection and how to reject their cookies if you visit their websites:

We use social media platforms to present our activities, products and services. Each social media platform has its own Privacy Policy and process your personal data on its own basis.

When visiting our website, Facebook (owned by Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA) will identify you, will establish a connection between your browser and the Facebook server and will receive the information that your IP address has visited our website. If you click on the “Like” button while logged in to your Facebook profile, you will also connect the content of our website to your profile. More information about Facebook plug-ins can be found at: We as an administrator of our website do not have information about the content of the data transferred to Facebook. More information can be obtained from the Facebook Privacy Policy at

When you visit our Facebook page, which we use to present our activities, your personal data will be processed. Facebook provides us with anonymised statistics for the actions of the users in the Facebook page. This processing is carried out by Facebook and us as joined controllers.

The processing is based on our legitimate interest to assess the type of actions taken by the users in the page in order to improve its content. The legal basis for the processing is Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. Under no circumstances it is possible for us to match the information which we obtain via the functionalities of our webpage to a particular profile using the likes of the page.

On our website, you also have access to our YouTube channel where we publish video materials. In case you are a registered user and have a user profile in this particular platform, and at the time of your visit to our website you are logged in, YouTube in its capacity of controller will link the visit to your YouTube profile. If you do not want YouTube to process and store your data related to your visit to our website, you must sign out from your YouTube account before clicking a link on our website leading to video content uploaded on YouTube. If you wish to learn more about the purpose and scope of processing carried out by YouTube, please read the Google Privacy Policy at

We use the Google Analytics service of Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland; “Google”) to analyse the visits to our website. Google Analytics is a service of Google which allows the tracking and reporting of a website’s traffic. The users can stop the data processing generated by cookies of Google by downloading and installing the following add-on application: For more information on Google‘s privacy policy, please visit Google Privacy & Terms

APIS can upon its discretion amend and supplement the present Cookies policy at any time. In case of amendment of this Policy, we shall determine the date of amendment and it shall become effective towards you and your data after the date of this amendment or from another explicitly determined later date.