News and Events

25 May 2023

The European Arrest Warrant is the focus of the FACILEX project

With a Judgment of 10 March 2021 in Case C-648/20 PPU, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that Bulgaria has not fulfilled the requirements for effective judicial protection of the persons against whom a European Arrest Warrant has been issued. Current issues concerning the issuance and execution of a European Arrest Warrant by EU Member States are the subject of research in the EU project FACILEX, in which APIS also participates.

10 April 2023

APIS participates in a new project in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU

The aim of the FACILEX project is to explore how mutual recognition mechanisms - European Arrest Warrant, European Investigation Warrant, mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation acts - are implemented in nine EU Member States.

15 June 2022

International Conference of the SMEDATA II Project

An international conference "Future Opportunities for Privacy Minded Enterprises" will be held in Brussels on 17 June 2022 as part of the SMEDATA II Project

23 November 2021

"GDPR in Your Pocket" is now available as a Windows 10 desktop application

The upgrade was launched in order for the tool to reach a larger number of users and to support their work with the significant documentary collection in the field of personal data protection.

15 October 2021

"GDPR in your pocket" is now available in five languages

From the beginning of October, users of the application can choose between Bulgarian, English, German, French and Italian to access the “Legal Library”, “GDPR Dictionary”, “Guide for Citizens”, and “Guide for SMEs” modules.

24 June 2021

A practitioners’ workshop was held in Sofia within the CrossJustice project on the rights of defendants in criminal proceedings

On June 23, 2021 in Sofia was held a practical workshop for magistrates and lawyers on the topic: "Procedural Rights of Persons Suspected or Accused of a Crime under EU and National Law - Presentation of the CrossJustice Platform".

28 February 2020

The "GDPR in Your Pocket" mobile app was awarded by BAIT Awards for 2019

The innovative tool created under the SMEDATA project received the award in the Public Administration category. APIS Europe JSC participates in the SMEDATA project as responsible for the software development of the application.

28 January 2020

The final version of "GDPR in Your Pocket" mobile app was released on the Personal Data Protection Day

On January 28, Europe and many other countries in the world celebrate the Personal Data Protection Day. In this regard, the Commission for personal data protection of Republic of Bulgaria (CPDP) presented the final version of the mobile application “GDPR in your pocket”, developed under the international SMEDATA project.

25 November 2019

Three new modules in GDPR Assistant Read more

Three new modules have been added in GDPR Assistant to support controllers and processors when making decisions in certain situations when managing personal data. A similar module is the "Check for the need of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)", which has been available since the creation of the innovative GDPR Assistant.

20 November 2019

SME Challenges and GDPR - International Conference under the SMEDATA Project - registration for participation

On November 29, 2019, at 9.00, an international conference “SME Challenges and GDPR” will be held at the Grand Salon of the Union of Bulgarian Jurists (SUB) at 7 Pirotska St. in Sofia. The event is organised within the framework of the SMEDATA Project, coordinated by Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.

06 November 2019

You can access the demo version of the Training Module in the field of private international law InterLex

Since September demo versions of the Decision Support Module and the Find Law Module are available trough the InterLex portal. Now the Training Module can also be accessed from users just with a free registration

01 October 2019

Download for free the Mobile App „GDPR in your pocket“, developed in the scope of SMEDATA project

A Mobile App "GDPR in your pocket" is available for free download from the app stores of Google and Apple. The App introduces the General Data Protection Regulation in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand way