Constructions of "APIS – Digesta" Ltd

Unique assistant in analysing and solving cases

I. Product description 

1. Mission

The purpose of the product is to present:

  • a new method of organization of the legal information;
  • a uniform environment for access to acts, practice, normative structures etc.;
  • a uniform operational technology which encompasses the user’s actions from the moment the problem is presented to the forming of the individual legal act, plea, judgment or advisement;
  • new means of communication between lawyers by exchange of structured legal information;
  • a new generally accessible environment for existence and development of the legal expert opinions and constructions.

2. Target users

The product is designated for everyone who applies, interprets and uses law. Special attention is focused on functions appropriate for magistrates, administrators, and practicing lawyers.

The product organizes, preserves and enriches the individual and corporate legal knowledge.

The product is suitable for the analysis of grand and especially difficult legal cases. It ensures succession in the common knowledge and experience of government organisations, offices, and companies.

3. Content and features

‘Constructions’ applies a unique technology in generalisation of the legal matter.

The basic scheme of information organisation in the product is called construction.

The constructions have been extracted from jurisprudence and their integral provisions constitute their denominations. For example – Art. 45 OCA, Art. 49 OCA, Art. 52 OCA

Each construction contains all the necessary information for the solution of a specific legal problem:

  • provisions of enactments;
  • rulings;
  • expert comments;
  • specific words of art;
  • sample documents;
  • private notes and resolutions;

Each user can develop and enrich the construction adding unspecified self selected acts, provisions, rulings and other kinds of legal information to it. The enriched construction is saved and added to the heading of ‘My Constructions’. Through this mechanism the preservation of the experience and the outcomes of each specific case examined by the useris ensured.

Users can exchange constructions by e-mail or in the form of files.

Each user can send his own original constructions with the purpose of their inclusion in the general product base. By means of this opportunity a development of the product may be expected through addition of constructions originating in the process of administration of law.

The user implements all functions to process, search, receive and save the information in the construction uniform environment.

After the texts of the provisions, rulings etc., needed for the case solution, they are exported to the text editor (Microsoft Word) and the user may complete his work on the case analysis, creating a new decision, commentary, opinion, article etc.

II. Minimum technical requirements

Windows 7 or highter; installed ‘Apis 7 Law’.