APIS Globus

Expert information on foreign investments and legal relations with international element

The module APIS Globus is a part of the legal information system APIS, which provides up-to-date information in Bulgarian and English about:

  • Foreign investment legal arrangements in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Regulation of economic activities of non-resident entities
  • Business environment for foreign capital and joint-venture capital
  • Macroeconomic framework and credit rating of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Non-residents' legal status
  • Legal relations with international element
  • Administrative procedures involving non-resident natural or legal persons
  • Travel, work, education and emigration of Bulgarian citizens abroad
  • Bilateral and multilateral international agreements, the Republic of Bulgaria is a party to.

The texts of the procedures and general topics in this module have been written by leading experts in government departments, scientists and other experts.

The information in APIS Globus is presented in the form of:

  • Administrative, judicial and notary procedures – description of procedures and terms of their implementation
  • General topics – a concise presentation of general principles and characteristics of the legal system in a specific area
  • Transactions – description of the legal framework and examples of the respective transactions with tips for use
  • Exemplary sample forms – applications, declarations, letters of attorney, contracts, etc. in various written formats of
  • Forms – of-the-shelf forms for use in administrative and court procedures with a capability for completion, print-out and storage in files
  • Spreadsheets and Diagrams – presentation of macroeconomic framework in tables and graphs.

APIS Globus is intended for a broad range of users: foreign investors in Bulgaria, trade representations of non-residents, embassies and consular sections of other states; representative offices of international organisations; Bulgarian consultancy and agency companies; government agencies, lawyer's and notary offices, etc.

Data Updating

Information contained in the module APIS Globus is updated after each issue of the State Gazette.