APIS Vreme

Automatic indicator, express analysis and exclusive author commentaries on changes in legislation. All deadlines and terms in Bulgarian law and a personal organizer for their calculation and tracking

    APIS Vreme addresses, in a modern and effective way, two major problems that face you, the overworked professional.

    These problems are:

  • how to remain professionally qualified, considering the never-ending changes in the legal framework regulating your business, especially now that Bulgaria has joined the European Union;
  • how not to miss important legal deadlines, which concern you in your professional or personal capacity (there are tens of thousands of such deadlines in Bulgarian legislation, and hundreds of them begin or run out every month), while non-observance of deadlines often leads to sanctions or to fatal legal consequences.

    А subscription to APIS Vreme, which is a constituent module of the APIS legal information system, protects you against these risks.

  • Discard the obligation to check the State Gazette time and again for a revision of the legislative instruments affecting your work

    Do not wonder whether to waste precious time checking for changes or to risk making an error if you miss some essential information – APIS Vreme will do it for you. The legislation revision indicator keeps track of all those legislative  instruments that you have personally selected for monitoring and, if any of them is revised, your PC will alert you through a blinking icon   §  on the bar bottom right on your desktop. You do not have to start APIS Vreme itself. Once you turn on your computer to do some other work, the alert will appear. Even if you are on vacation, the indicator will work for you.

  • Ask APIS Vreme to track for you the legal deadlines which concern you in your professional or personal capacity

    The regulation of these deadlines is scattered among the thousands of instruments of Bulgarian primary and secondary legislation. Just tracing their respective regulation single-handed is impracticable, let alone remember, check for changes and keep all those deadlines. APIS Vreme is invaluable in this respect.

    Select your legal deadlines by clicking "+" in the top left menu of APIS Vreme buttons. You will thus not miss them even if they are months or years away.

    Order APIS Vreme to warn you of the most important of these deadlines a couple of days or a couple of months ahead of their calendar date by including them in your Personal Organizer of Legal and Personal Deadlines.  The warning of a deadline you have selected to be reminded of is a blinking icon bottom right on your PC desktop. This function is automatic as well and does not require an express start of APIS Vreme.

  • Be more qualified at the cost of less efforts

    The express analyses of APIS Vreme will give you a quick initial orientation into the crux of legislative changes. You get the information staggered, at relatively complete stages of information, strictly identifying the legal grounds on which the expert conclusions have been drawn and with hyperlinks to the relevant legal texts – so that you could determine on your own which of the information levels you need and how far to accept the expert interpretation offered. The highest level is the author commentaries. The commentaries are exclusive – they are written expressly for the APIS Vreme subscribers and are not published in any other printed or on-line publication.

    The only effort you are supposed to make is to tell the Indicator which legislative instruments you want tracked. Once the blinking   §  appears to signal a legal revision, click on it and follow the cross-references in the expert texts on screen.

  • Finally, make APIS Vreme work for you personally!

    The APIS Vreme subscribers include the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court, the National Assembly, the Administration of the President, most ministries, the Bulgarian National Bank and almost all commercial banks, the tax administration, the National Social Security Institute, the Ministry of Interior, the major manufacturing enterprises, most of the municipal and regional administrations, hundreds of lawyers, accountants, notaries, consultants, the editorial offices of almost all significant print and electronic media in Bulgaria.

    Details on how to use the system are available from the illustrated guide imbedded in the product itself. Feel free to approach your APIS distributor for help and advice when necessary.