APIS Procedures

Off-the-shelf solutions in relation to provision of administration services, legal actions, concluding of transactions, contracts, etc.

The module APIS Procedures is a part of the legal information system APIS, which provides the user with up-to-date information on procedures for natural or legal persons to approach certain agency or department for an administration service. Each procedure includes legal grounds, implementation process, steps and deadlines, charges and fees, and competent body to be approached by the user. All required and currently applicable forms to be completed and printed out by the user are included.

The module also offers sample document templates and models which may be customised in terms of format and content by certain word-processor application at user's option. The full texts of the regulatory acts providing for the respective procedure may be accessed through a system of cross-references.

The information contained in APIS Procedures is presented in the form of:

  • Administrative, judicial and notary procedures – descriptions of steps and terms of their implementation;
  • Transactions - description of the legal framework, and an illustrative sample of the respective transaction with tips for its use;
  • Sample document templates and models – model documents and templates of applications, declarations, Letters of Attorney, contracts, etc.;
  • Forms – off-the-shelf administrative and court procedure forms with a capability for completion, printout and storage in files.

Content scope

The module APIS Procedures contains more than 1940 procedures, including over 2450 forms, and also more than 1920 sample forms of applications, statements, Letters of Attorney, etc. in the following subject areas:

  • municipal administrative-legal procedures
  • municipal administrative-technical procedures
  • customs procedures
  • financial procedures
  • general judicial and administrative procedures
  • employment procedures
  • procedures under the Officer of State Act
  • incorporation and registration procedures for companies and non-profit associations and foundations
  • procedures in the field of transport
  • procedures in the field of communications
  • procedures in the field of health care
  • procedures in the field of social security
  • procedures in the field of environment
  • procedures in the field of power generation
  • procedures in the field of education, sciences and culture
  • procedures in the field of defence and public order
  • transactions under the civil and commercial law
  • procedures in the field of protection of intellectual property rights
  • transactions, and more.

Data Updating

Information contained in the module APIS Procedures is updated after each issue of the State Gazette.