Import of Clients' Lists and Tracking for Changes in Company Records

Tracking and retrieval of up-to-date information on changes in company records of legal entities listed by the client

"Import of Clients’ Lists and Tracking for Changes in Company Records" is a module integrated into the information system for companies and organisations "APIS Register+", which provides the powerful function to monitor and retrieve data about changes made in the company dossiers of the legal entities whose unique identification codes (UIC) have been imported by the client as a list into the system.

This function is performed in the following steps:

1. The button "Tracking and reference data by lists of entities" shall be selected.

2. In the open form "Tracking and reference data by lists of entities":

  • the path to a text file (TXT, CSV) containing a list of UIC company numbers shall be provided. Each UIC number in the file shall be written on a separate line,


  • the UIC company numbers shall be entered manually or via Cope-Paste.

3. The time period for which a report is requested shall be specified by using the built-in calendars or by setting / replacing manually the dates.

As a result, the system produces a list containing description of the changes, if any, for the monitored companies with the specified UIC numbers.

Users can pre-set filters by different criteria:

  • all entities
  • newly registered
  • re-registered
  • in liquidation
  • in bankruptcy
  • deleted
  • from date to date, which allows to track the changes to the desired UIC numbers for a given date or time interval.

Any reference request to the system containing UIC numbers can be stored as a list and subsequently completed with additional entries or edited.

The resulting list can be viewed through the system or exported to a file in EXCEL format.