APIS Register+

Information system on companies and organisations 

Description of the product content

1. Scope of the system

"APIS Register+" is an up-to-date information system covering:

  • Economic and other entities registered under the BULSTAT Register
  • Tax registers
  • Register of social insurance contributors
  • Elections: parliamentary, presidential and local
  • Directory of state structures
  • Foreign embassies in Bulgaria
  • List of the persons under the Act on Information Regarding Non-Performing Loans
  • Public procurement, auctions and contests
  • Business information on companies
  • Media coverage of companies
  • Supreme Administrative Court: judgments and rulings
  • Unofficial Section of the State Gazette
  • Balance sheets and financial statements
  • Lawyers and bar associations
  • List of notaries in Bulgaria
  • Authorizations/licences and departmental information
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Certification to ISO
  • Reference information

2. Updating

The product is intended to present a large volume of up-to-date information, it is updated after each new issue of the State Gazette. The data from BULSTAT are updated once a week, the data from the tax register and the other national registers are updated on a monthly basis.

3. Thematic structure of the available information

Data on persons and companies from the BULSTAT Register

Identification data on the 1,000,000-plus companies registered, social insurance contributors and other entities carrying out economic activity within the national territory:

  • legal persons
  • sole trader natural persons
  • branches of foreign banks, foreign insurance and non-resident persons
  • trade representation offices of non-resident persons
  • natural persons who are social insurance contributors
  • other entities: social insurance contributors or non-resident persons carrying out economic activity in Bulgaria, inter alia through a permanent establishment or a fixed base
  • civil law companies
  • subsidiaries and divisions of the entities.

Data on companies from tax registers

  • companies registered under the Value Added Tax Act: business name, tax registration, tax address
  • list of entities currently deregistered under the Value Added Tax Act
  • list of taxable persons without a court and tax registration
  • list of debtors according to the Tax and Social-Insurance Procedure Code
  • list of large taxpayers.

Unofficial Section of the State Gazette since 1989

  • entries in the commercial registers: corporate registration, transformation, change of capital, statutory capital, liquidation
  • notices to creditors
  • notices and announcements of ministries, other central-government departments, academies, schools and research institutes, municipalities and municipal authorities
  • court summonses and judgments of court
  • notices of convocation of meetings and other notices, where their promulgation is provided for in a law or in a statutory instrument of the Council of Ministers
  • public procurement: periodic information from the contracting authorities of the public procurements planned during the year under Article 10 of the Public Procurement Act, invitations to participate in a public procurement award procedure, list of the persons whom the contracting authorities may recruit as outside experts
  • communications from the Supreme Court of Cassation on cases noticed for review: according to Article 218e of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Balance sheets and financial statements of commercial corporations

  • the balance sheets and financial statements of banks, insurance companies and commercial corporations promulgated in the State Gazette
  • annual balance sheets and financial statements of joint-stock companies, partnerships limited by shares, cooperatives and firms, published in dailies, specialized economic publications or posted on the Internet, according to the requirements of the Accountancy Act.

Authorizations/licences granted and departmental information

Lists of persons which have been granted an authorization/licence to carry out a specific activity:

  • designation of the commercial corporation
  • address
  • date of issuance of the authorization or licence
  • period of validity.

The lists are broken down by ministry, central-government department and service granting the authorizations or licences.

Departmental information: lists of companies in liquidation, in bankruptcy, privatized enterprises etc.

Exhibition catalogues

Covers traditional exhibitions held in Bulgaria, with data on the exhibitors: business name, address, telephone, e-mail and core activity.

APIS Register+ also includes:

Register of social insurance contributors: data on the number of (health and social) insured persons by the social insurance contributors.

Elections of Parliament, President, municipal councillors and mayors, results of the elections held since 1991: lists of candidates and of those elected, containing their names, personal identification number, party and number of votes garnered.

Directory of state structures

  • National Assembly: leadership, structure, biodata, parliamentary activity
  • Presidential institution: President, Administration of the President, biodata
  • Central government administration: ministries, structures reporting to ministries and biodata on the ministers and the persons performing leadership functions
  • Territorial administration: regional and municipal administration, structure and biodata
  • Bulgaria’s cabinets since 1878.

Diplomatic missions in Bulgaria: telephone, fax, Internet site, e-mail.

List of persons under the Act on Information Regarding Non-Performing Loans:companies, persons, banks, amount of loan.

Public procurements, auctions and contests:

Official information from the State Gazette, the Internet site of the State Gazette, the Public Procurement Register on the types of public procurements, the Bulgarian Agency for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion, the Public Procurement Agency, the press.

  • Open public procurements: public procurement award procedures for which documents can be submitted
  • Archive of public procurements (closed): procedures for which documents have already been submitted but no contracts have been concluded
  • Contracts concluded: alphabetical listing of the companies which have concluded public procurement award contracts and principal parameters of the contract
  • Small public procurements: below the thresholds according to the Public Procurement Act.

Business information about companies from:

Advertisements: data from advertisements published in the press, concerning addresses, telephones, objects, internet sites and e-mail. The information is presented through a Company Index, listing the entries alphabetically and by branch depending on the product or service advertised. Internet: company activities, electronic addresses.

Internet: company activities, electronic addresses.

Media coverage of companies: presents a DIGEST of news, facts, information and events covered by the press in connection with publicly known companies and persons.

Identification of the actual owners who stand behind the off-shore registrations, inter-company partnership, kinship between owners, employer-employee links.

In combination with the rest of the data, contributes to building a more comprehensive corporate history and landmark events in intra-company life.

The information is presented through separate topics: commercial corporations, shareholdings, privatization, investments, judicial system, disclosures, local elections, careers, property status, who’s who, odds and ends, others, as well as through an index of items: all, arranged alphabetically or chronologically.

Registered trademarks: data on the trademarks registered in Bulgaria, provided by the Patent Office. Covers information about the designation of the mark, the holder, the registration date, sector.

Supreme Administration Court:   rulings and judgments on company cases.


  • Consulting and certification organizations, companies and auditors certified to ISO
  • Lists of lawyers and notaries with names and addresses
  • Reference information: national minimum wage, BNB exchange rates, BNB base interest rate (since 1991).

APIS Register+ is searchable by specific characteristics of the persons and can yield the public information recorded on them, as well as up-to-date information on the entities:

  • business name
  • BULSTAT Code
  • data on tax registration and tax address (applicable to persons registered and deregistered under the Value Added Tax Act)
  • instruments on incorporation, transformation, dissolutions
  • company case: No., year and place of court registration
  • activity: going concern/dormant/in liquidation
  • form of ownership: state/private
  • sources of financing
  • principal source of financing
  • form of book-keeping
  • collective management body
  • institutional sector
  • national sectoral classification (branch) according to the National Classifier of Economic Activities;
  • addresses (registered office, place where the activity is carried out, mailing address)
  • amount of capital
  • owners (in respect of the natural persons: forename, patronymic and surname and personal identification number; in respect of the companies: BULSTAT Code)
  • managers: forename, patronymic and surname and personal identification number.