Share Capital

Synthesized information on shareholders and the distribution of their shares in joint stock companies

"Share capital" is a module of the web-based information system for the companies and organisations APIS Register+.

The information in the module is available from the "Company dossier" screen in the information system APIS Register+ and provides a reference for:

  • the names of the shareholders in each joint stock company – Bulgarian and foreign legal and natural persons;
  • their representatives and proxies present at the general meetings;
  • number, types of shares and relative share of the company's capital;
  • changes in the capital, the nominal and the type of shares of the respective company.

The function “Connections” provides detailed information about shareholders participation in other companies, as well as their connections with other entities, with the option to check for such type of connectivity also in the archives of company records.

With simultaneous use of the module "Import of Clients’ Lists and Tracking for Changes in Company Records", it is possible to send alerts to the user by email about any change of the shareholders in them based on an imported list of UIC of joint stock companies.

The information provided by the module is updated daily in case of change and is up to date at the time of the last general meeting of the shareholders of the respective company.