Register API


The API Register enables the automatic integration of the user internal information system (Customer Relationship Management systems /CRM/, Enterprise Resources Planning systems /ERP/, accounting and Labour and Payroll /L&P/ programmes, and other similar products) with the data pertinent to the legal entities and natural persons held within the APIS Register+ information system.

API Register Main Advantages:

    • Automatically populates the data in the relevant fields
    • Eliminates errors of manual data entry
    • Abundant data retrieved from official and other public sources of information
    • Integration of the business information with every customer application
    • Quick search of data required
    • Access to detailed and up-to-date information on individuals and legal entities
    • Easy compilation of marketing lists with appropriate target user groups
    • Analysis and monitoring of partners, customers and competitors

Subscription Information Packages

Depending on their needs, users may select among three subscription information packages – start, basic and corporate. They offer an increasing volume of data regarding the subjects – legal entities or individuals. Irrespectively, each package offers information on all the subjects (individuals and legal entities) available on the APIS Register+ system.

The data included in the selected package will be available throughout the entire subscription period – 12 months. The user will be able to select independently which companies and individuals they shall receive data about by submitting search and filtering requests or exact lists of identifiers (Unified Identification Code /UIC/, Personal Identification Number /PIN/) of the target subjects to the API Register. API Register provides daily update of the selected data. In addition, users may receive notifications of changes occurred to the data.

Information Packages Description

1. Start Package: with this package the user will receive the basic identification data regarding the subjects necessary for the initial entry or subsequent verification in the user’s own information system for suppliers, customers, contractors, competitors, etc. The Start Package is particularly useful for the automated filling-in of data in invoices, contracts, forms and other similar documents which makes this process a lot easier and faster, and prevents the risk of errors.

2. Basic Package: this package is a particularly suitable tool for integration with customer relationship management systems (the so-called CRM systems), as well as for making market and marketing surveys. By means of the Basic Package, the user will be able to easily segment the market in order to identify the most appropriate required user target group.

3. Corporate Package: this package provides the most comprehensive set of information possible particular to a given individual or company, including data on insolvency proceedings applications, registry of pledges and liens, etc. This package enables the carrying out of detailed analysis of the companies’ good standing and the relations between the entities. The package is recommended for use by large corporate organizations with the aim to facilitate their activity in credit and/or market risks analysis.

The following table presents the types of data available in the three information packages:

Start Package

  • Name
  • Legal form
  • Seat and registered office
  • VAT registration
  • VAT registration address
  • Managing Director(s) and authorized representative(s)
  • Owners
  • Status – active, operational, activity terminated

Basic Package

  • Data from the Start Package Plus:
  • Contact details:
    • Phone number
    • E-mail
    • Website
    • Mailing address
  • Occupation (for self-employed individuals)
  • Number of insured individuals
  • Industry (company activity sector)
  • Annual Financial Reporting data for the past three years

Corporate Package

  • Data from the Basic Package Plus:
  • Public auctions by Private Enforcement Agents [PFA]
  • Debtors to the National Revenue Agency [NRA]
  • Winding-up proceedings
  • Insolvency proceedings, including data on applications filed with the district courts
  • Applications on initiated commercial dispute proceedings with the district courts
  • Attachment on corporate shares
  • Going concern pledge
  • Pledge on corporate shares
  • Related persons
  • Participation in fairs
  • Received licenses or permits
  • ISO certification
  • Large taxpayers

Data Search and Export Options

API Register enables search 1) by UIC/BULSTAT/PIN/legal entity or individual name, or 2) via a diverse array of filters enabling the user to find and export the exact information needed. Thus, the user will be able to receive a list of their target individuals or legal entities and extract all the necessary data concerning the same. By applying additional filters, the user can then refine the list so prepared.

In addition, the API Register allows for the export of data on subjects identified by their UIC/PIN in the lists arranged by the user in advance.