Claim Forms

"Claim Forms" is a module integrated into the web-based information system for companies and organisations APIS Register +, which provides preliminary information on insolvency and other commercial cases

The module allows APIS customers to be notified per e-mail on a daily basis and in a timely manner of any changes in the dossiers of companies included in user lists based on selected criteria as well as to have direct access to their dossiers.

The data collected by APIS from the filed insolvency claim forms are integrated with data from the Ministry of Justice (from the book under Article 634c of the Commercial Code) in order to track the stages that the case passes after the filing of the application for opening of insolvency proceedings.

The module provides information on the parties to the claims in insolvency proceedings (plaintiffs and defendants) and in commercial cases under the Civil Procedure Code and under the Obligations and Contracts Act.

The system monitors and alerts automatically for:

  • filed legal actions in commercial cases, incl. insolvency;
  • announced public sales by the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents;
  • debtors with outstanding public liabilities to the National Revenue Agency;
  • the announced pledges and distraints in the Commercial Register, as well as other changes in the merchants' dossiers, changes occurred at address, representing persons, owners, liquidation and termination of activity.

In addition to automatic notification of changes, the system also gives a summary of the claims filed on the following criteria: choice of district court, setting of a certain period (from date to date), type of filed claim forms (insolvency or commercial litigation) or applicant, as well as number and year of the case.

The module can be particularly useful in the work of credit and financial institutions. By enabling them to monitor and receive timely information on borrowers' status, they can make a significant contribution to reducing the risk of non-performing loans.