Euro Law

Information System on EU Legislation and its Relation to Bulgarian Law

The information system Euro Law provides access to the legal instruments of European Union law, in force for Bulgaria as of 1 January 2007, in their relation and interaction with Bulgarian legislation.

Euro Law Content:

  • Primary law: the founding Treaties of the European Communities and the European Union, the treaties concerning the accession of new Member States, the treaties amending the founding Treaties
  • Secondary legislation: regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations, opinions and other legal instruments of the European institutions
  • International agreements: the treaties of the European Communities with third countries or international organisations, treaties between the Member States and legal instruments of the institutions created by international treaties
  • Case law: the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union which provide binding interpretations of the European norms and are considered an important source of law
  • Expert information: the manual Brief Guide to EU Law by Assoc. Prof. Dr Jasmine Popova nutshells in an accessible form the fundamentals of European Union law.

The texts of the legal instruments of EU law, included in the product, are the official translations in the Bulgarian language published on the EUR-Lex web site maintained by the European Commission. The legal instruments adopted and published in the regular edition of the Official Journal of the European Union prior to 1 January 2007 have been already published in the Bulgarian special edition of the Official Journal of the European Union.

The documents are published in the Euro Law system on the basis of a licensing agreement concluded between APIS and the European Commission.

Each document comes complete with detailed bibliographic notice, prepared and maintained by the legal services of the European Commission and providing detailed background information, such as: date of publication, date of entry into force, classification by subject matter, links to other documents, etc.

Euro Law provides:

a possibility to work simultaneously with Bulgarian and EU legislation:

  • Links to the Bulgarian instruments and provisions adopted in transposion of the EU directives
  • Cross-references from and to the full Bulgarian-language texts of the legal instruments of EU law
  • Simultaneous search in the Bulgarian and the EU legal norms.

Euro Law facilitates:

the finding of the required information through use of classifiers and thesauri:

  • Directory of Community Legislation in Force: the official directory of EU law, providing a detailed categorisation of EU policies by area of legal regulation
  • Subject Matter: a classifier of EU law comprising over 220 subject areas
  • EUROVOC Thesaurus: categorisation of the legal instruments according to the descriptors contained in the EUROVOC multilingual thesaurus, used at all European institutions so as to standardise terminology.