Three new modules in GDPR Assistant Read more

25 November 2019

Three new modules have been added in GDPR Assistant to support controllers and processors when making decisions in certain situations when managing personal data. A similar module is the "Check for the need of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)", which has been available since the creation of the innovative GDPR Assistant. The new three modules are located in the “GDPR Guidelines folder” and follow the same logic of asking questions, choosing a ”YES” and “NO” answer, and following a logical move based on the provisions of the General Protection Regulation of data. They answer the following questions:

  • Should my organization communicate the personal data breach to the data subject?
  • In which cases can my organization carry out an automated individual decision-making that would have legal consequences for the data subject, or similarly affect it to a significant degree?
  • Should my organization maintain a record of processing activities?